Redneck Cooker Texas Competition BBQ Rubs & Classes

Redneck Cooker BBQ Cooking School is designed to help all cooks acquire new barbecue skills from our years of experiences with authentic Texas Barbecue. Texas Barbecue was passed down from generations in our family.  We have taken all our knowledge from these generations and advanced it many aspects to help take authentic Texas BBQ to the next level for our generation.  Jeff has proven his techniques with many awards and has earned the respect of fellow competition cookers.  Jeff now brings his knowledge to others that have the desire to learn simply great authentic Texas BBQ for both personal and professional levels.  People that take the class come away with great knowledge from start to finish in the BBQ process.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • meat selection
  • meat preparation
  • spices and rubs
  • finishing sauces
  • pit preparation and maintenance

On the competition level, presentation and turn in box arrangements, as well as flavor profiles.  On catering and backyard levels we will discuss choices of sides to server with the main dish.  The course teaches the major BBQ cooking formats including direct/indirect grilling, low and slow cooking versus hot and fast.  Jeff also brings his Certified Judging experience to the table with his classes to help students understand what judges generally look for on the competition level. Private classes and shadowing training are available as schedule permits. Contact Jeff for details.